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​​​​​​​​​​​1. 2017 China Studies International Summer Program - Hangzhou Normal University


 Lokacija: ​Hangzhou, Kitajska ​
Trajanje: ​4 - 21 Julij 2017 
Rok prijave: 31 Maj 2017 

Kratek opis poletne šole: The China Studies Program(CSP) at HNU provides students with a comprehensive learning experience that combines China Studies courses, visiting Chinese enterprises, Chinese Kung Fu and field trips.​

Na voljo sta dva Modula:

Modul 1: China studies International summer program



Modul 2: Chinese Language & Culture summer program (three weeks) 
2017 HNU Chinese Language & Culture Summer Program(Three Weeks)


Language of Instruction: English

​Credits: 6 credits in total

Four China Studies courses (1 credit respectively), Chinese Kung Fu(1 credit), Field trips(1 credit)​

Kotizacija: 800 USD

Prijava: https://goo.gl/forms/XRYzxjXYlzQsxX2N2


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Lokacija: Moskva, Rusija 

Trajanje: 13th to 26th August 2017 

Spletna stran: www.srs.mgsu.ru 

Rok prijave: 10.6.2017 

Kratek opis poletne šole: 

International summer school “Build your Future" offers diverse experience for participants interested in architecture and urban planning of Moscow, as well as expertise in modern sustainable engineering practices in Russia. second part of the summer school opens an opportunity for participants to learn Russian language and, of course, enjoy great city of Moscow. 

Our summer school includes three modules: 

- “Russian language" module for all participants and one module of choice - “architecture & urbanism" or “sustainable engineering". All modules are taught in English.

Upon successful completion, participants of the summer school will be awarded with 2 ECTS credits. 

: 600 EUR; pred 30.4.2017 je 550 EUR 

Prijava: https://goo.gl/forms/XRYzxjXYlzQsxX2N2

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“New Borders Between Old Neighbours – Return of History in the Danube Region?"  


Lokacija: Pécs, Madžarska 

Trajanje: 2. – 9.7.2017  

Spletna stran: http://www.drcsummerschool.eu/  


Kratek opis poletne šole: 

Join our DRC Summer School and receive up-to-date knowledge about the political, economic and social challenges of the Danube Region! Do  you  have  research  results  about  the  Danube  region  that  you  would  like  to  share? Or  would  you  just  like  to  express  your  thoughts  and  learn  from  experts?  What  are  the  strength and weakness of the region? What is the future ahead? Register if you are interested  in  the  region's  political,  economic,  historical  and  social  processes  -  discover  our  workshops and present your idea and research. In addition, enjoy the gorgeous city, Pécs and the social programs including wine-tasting and excursions! 


Within the thematical workshops participants are required to present their papers or researches.    is year's edition will focus on the following topics:  

1. Schengen, Dublin, Idomeni? Security challenges at the EU's outskirts 

2. Migration within and from outside of the Danube Region 

3. Political, ideological and religious radicalisation 

4. EUSDR: Economy and prosperity for the Danube Region through cross-border coo- 


Rok prijave: 4.6.2017 

Kotizacija: 200 EUR 

Prijava:  https://goo.gl/forms/XRYzxjXYlzQsxX2N2


Univerza v Mariboru izbranim študentom krije prevoz na poletno šolo in nazaj ter kotizacijo poletne šole.


 Lokacija: Pécs, Madžarska

Trajanje: 28.7.2017 – 6.8.2017 

Spletna stran: http://www.pecsdebateacademy.hu 


​Kratek opis poletne šole: 

Join our Pécs Debate Academy Summer School and receive up-to-date knowledge about the hot topics of today's higher education! 

Do you have an opinion and would like to speak up for yourself? If you feel inside the intention to express your thoughts, come and improve your debating skills with us learning to use the most effective content, style, speed, tone and volume!  

Our unique Debate Academy Summer School will use a mixed methodology – you will learn about the interesting issues of higher education from experts of the field while you will also gain an opportunity to develop your speaking skills and learn to argue along the techniques of the British Parliamentary Debate style. 

The Debate Academy Summer School will develop your critical thinking, your communication skills as well as your ability to analyze and understand the world around us. It will also give you the opportunity to make friends and have fun in a very welcoming international environment. 

Rok prijave: 5.5.2017 

Kotizacija: EUR for Alps Adriatic Scholarship holders. The Alps Adriatic Scholarship covers the participation fee, 2 hot meals a day, accommodation plus the attendance on all the cultural programs. You only have to pay for your travel expenses.​

Prijava: https://goo.gl/forms/XRYzxjXYlzQsxX2N2

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5. GGULIVRR@Lodz 2017

Lokacija: Lodz, Poljska 

Trajanje: 11.9. - 22.9.2017 

Spletna stran: http://www.wfis.uni.lodz.pl  

Kratek opis poletne šole: 

Project GGULIVRR, Generic Game for Ubiquitous Learning in Interactive Virtual and Real Realities, initiates the study of ubiquitous learning, investigating mobile and contextual learning, challenging small devices with sophisticated computing and networking capacities, testing the pervasive internet and exploring intelligent tags. The goal of project GGULIVRR is to present learning communities a framework that enables learners to practice and enhance 21st century skills while generating and playing mobile contextual games.


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6. 3rd International Summer Workshop On It Education & Research 

Lokacija: Hagenberg, Austria 

Trajanje: June 8 – June 10
Spletna stran:


​Kratek opis poletne šole:

concentrate on entrepreneurial skills required by IT students and graduates who intend to set up their own business and seek to enforce the dialogue and knowledge exchange between internationally active IT universities


Rok prijave: 12 May

Kotizacija: Free of charge​

Prijava: https://www.fh-ooe.at/en/hagenberg-campus/international/international-events/international-summer-workshop-2017/registration/​​


7. Law on the Bosphorus International Summer School V

Lokacija: Istanbul, Turčija

Trajanje: 3 – 14 Julij
Spletna stran: http://insanhaklari.istanbul.edu.tr/en/?p=6688

Kratek opis poletne šole:

will focus on the transnational aspect of the International Human Rights Law application. More specific theme of the 2017 Summer School will be on the relationship between challenges of human trafficking, and smuggling of migrants and refugees. Related themes will be:

§     Protection of refugee rights

§    UN and regional response to refugee crises, migrant smuggling and human trafficking

§     Protection of victims

§     Health law and migrants

§     Comparative criminal law in the arena of human trafficking and migrant smuggling

§     Country and regional cases from Europe, Africa and Middle East

Rok prijave: 15 Maj

Kotizacija: 200 Euros for students and 300 Euros for non-students. The fee will include the lunches, boat trips, opening and final dinners and social programmes.

Prijava: http://hukuk.istanbul.edu.tr/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Summer-School-Application-Form-1.pdf


8. International Summer School at VSB-Technical University of Ostrava​

 Lokacija: Ostrava, Češka 

Trajanje: 10 – 28 Julij
Spletna stran: http://www.issostrava.cz/​

Kratek opis poletne šole:

Students are very welcome to attend these courses:

10 – 14 of July

1.       Course: Adventures of Architecture in Ostrava , Extraordinary Ways of Housing in the City

Fee: 320 EUR            http://issostrava.cz/iss2017.php#programme11


2.       Culture, History and Present of the City of Ostrava

Fee: 450 EUR            http://issostrava.cz/iss2017.php#programme12


3.       New Approches to Quality Management

Fee:400 EUR             http://issostrava.cz/iss2017.php#programme13


17 -21 of July

1.       Advanced Methods of Mechatronics

Fee: 400 EUR            http://issostrava.cz/iss2017.php#programme21


2.       Energy

Fee:400 EUR             http://issostrava.cz/iss2017.php#programme22


3.       Mathematical and Physical Modeling of Metal Forming Process

Fee:480 EUR             http://issostrava.cz/iss2017.php#programme23


24 – 28 July

1.       Battery Camp

Fee: 400 EUR             http://issostrava.cz/iss2017.php#programme31


2.       Activity Week

Fee: 400 EUR             http://issostrava.cz/iss2017.php#programme32


Rok prijave: 31st of May

Kotizacija: Zgoraj

Prijava: http://www.issostrava.cz/registration.php​




 Lokacija: Budimpešta, Madžarska 

Trajanje: 14 – 25 August ali 21 – 25 Avgust 

Spletna stran:


Kratek opis poletne šole:

 ELTE Budapest Summer University is a summer program to fulfil these aims and priorities building on the professional background of the researchers at our faculties.

The summer university comprises several interdisciplinary courses for students interested in law, cultural studies, special education, psychology, social sciences and related fields.

between 14-25 August, 2017

  • Questions of identity in the 21th century. Social practices and inequalities (social studies and pedagogy)
  • Hot topics in the research on human disabilities (special education)
  • Transnational aspects of law (law studies)
  • Recent questions of the cultural identity (social sciences, cultural studies)

between 21-25 August, 2017

  • Gender and sexuality in schools
  • School-based Service Learning Programme in Hungary
  • Aggression, violence and bullying in schools
  • Innovations and developments in the European Adult Education sector
  • Psychology of everyday life from a Chinese perspective
  • The Psychology of Intergroup Relations

Rok prijave: 20. julij 

Kotizacija: 400€ 

Prijava: https://www.elte.hu/en/budapest-summer-apply


10. Digitizing – Process Chain for Reverse Engineering

Lokacija: RheinMain, Nemčija 

Trajanje: 12 – 25 Avgust

Spletna stranhttp://www.international.itb.ac.id/web/?p=11154​

Kratek opis poletne šole:

The focus of the scientific program is on process chain and data processing. The students will work in teams on their own project. In the afternoons and on week-ends excursions lead to companies connected with the study fields

Rok prijave: 15 May

Kotizacija: 750€

​Prijava: na silke.schuster@hs-rm​.de  

11.  Wroclaw University of Economics / Summer School of Poland


Lokacija: Wroclaw, Poljska
Trajanje: 1 – 15 julij

Spletna stran: http://www.summerschool.pl/

Kratek opis poletne šole:

 Main theme this year is Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Management .

If you're looking for an option to spend this summer studying and having fun in international company - this is something for you! We welcome students and graduates of all majors to our Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes.


Rok prijave: 31st of May

Kotizacija: 700€

Prijava: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScI6rlJfBv7J2nhzzYY-QOYN4dtcp8MTbmG7Axdua2tVgim2Q/viewform​


​Send your CV and a formal photo to office@summerschool.pl

12. Corvinus University of Budapest + Central Bank of Hungary

 Lokacija: Budimpešta, Madžarska

Trajanje: 3.7 – 14.7.2017

Spletna stran: http://www.mnb.hu/en/mnb-summer-school-of-economics

Kratek opis: MNB Summer School of Economics is designed to provide international bachelor and master level students a practice oriented approach to Economics, Finance and International Relations. Our program is based on our three-pillar teaching method: First, lectures by the experienced MNB staff present students with real-world utilization of theoretical knowledge; second, high-level corporate decision makers share their knowledge and their company's external strategies; third and finally, our academic staff also strongly integrates interactive sessions and game simulations into the teaching material.

Rok prijave: 15.5.2017

Kotizacija: 1450€, 

This includes:


Welcome package  ​

Program fee and study material

Lunch and two coffee breaks with snacks on all teaching days

Company visits and cultural trips

Health insurance

Prijave: http://mnbpoll.mnb.hu/Survey.aspx?surveyid=41545522&lng=en-GB

13. FIR 2017 - the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Lokacija: Pula, Sardinija

Trajanje: 26.6 – 30.6

Spletna stran: http://www.fir2017.it/

Kratek opis:

The Scientific School is dedicated to Industry 4.0, with particular attention to the topics of smart manufacturing and big data that support the production and management of industrial processes.

The term "Industry 4.0" (I4.0) refers to the fourth industrial revolution, which aims to bring to a production almost entirely based on the use of intelligent machines, interconnected and connected to the Internet.

Rok prijave: 8.5.2017

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