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National Instruments ASL+, LabVIEW in Multisim

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National Instruments ASL+, LabVIEW in Multisim

Tool name

The software tool National Instruments ASL+, LabVIEW and Multisim with an unlimited number of licenses and included maintenance for a period of 3 years for the whole university.

Tool supplier

ADD ProS d.o.o., Opekarniška 15A, SI-000 Celje,

Presentation of the tool

LabVIEW is an engineering software tool, dedicated to the development of systems and applications necessary for testing, measuring, and managing various processes. It enables fast and direct access to hardware and all necessary data. It is one of the basic tools that we come across in advanced measuring systems and systems for managing complex processes. It is also used for planning and simulating various electronic systems.

The software environment includes a comprehensive set of modules dedicated to a range of advanced processing of measured, simulated, or generated data that we come across in measurement processes. A bunch of dedicated tools enables the use of various complex approaches to solving problems of the measured data analysis or synthesis of components in the design of generating data.

The software environment offers a graphic approach of programming that helps to visualize the application programming process including hardware configuration, measurement data, and rectification of all types of errors. This visualization also facilitates hardware integration regardless of the manufacturer, development of algorithms for data analysis or synthesis as well as design of user interfaces.

Tool keeper

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UM, Laboratory for structure evaluation, Assoc. Prof. Dr Aleš Belšak,

Computer Centre of University of Maribor (CCUM)


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