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Getting ready for MSCA PF with UM

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Getting ready for MSCA PF with UM

The University of Maribor (UM) shall be delighted to support the postdoctoral researchers wishing to apply for an MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships. Foreseen call date of publication is 10 April 2024, and foreseen submission deadline is 11 September 2024.  

We are interested in working with postdoctoral candidates with a strong publication record and complementary research agenda. Please find the enclosed complete list of foreseen research MSCA keywords, supervisors, and e-mail addresses. 

MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships offer the successful applicants on the abovementioned call a full-time contract to work on a research project and enjoy advanced training. The MSCA PF programme provides a competitive salary, mobility and family allowances plus a budget for research and training costs. 


  •  Experience:  
  • The candidates must complete a doctoral degree before 9 September 2024. 
  • The candidates who have completed a doctoral degree not more than 8 years ago,  in case they have spent those eight years in research activity. In the event of a period during which the candidate has interrupted his/her research career, the period of 8 years shall be extended for the time when the candidate has not been employed as a researcher (it is counted until the last day of the tender; MSCA-PF: Self-assessment tool for the calculation of the 8-years research experience). 
  • The candidate was not rejected in the previous call with the 70 % or fewer points evaluation result.
  • Mobility rule:  

For a European Postdoctoral fellowship, the applicant should not have studied or worked in Slovenia for more than 12 months between September 2021 and September 2024.   

HOW TO: please, find the attached form »2024-UM MSCA PF Project pre-proposal form« structured to present the postdoctoral researcher and the project idea. Filled, and completed forms with all enclosures necessary, are to be submitted as one PDF file attachment to the supervisor’s e-mail address, cc: 


UM SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 29 April 2024, 12.00 (GMT+1)  

For more information on particular projects ideas, please address the professors to e-mails listed in the documents, cc: 

Candidates will be informed about the selection results by 15 May 2024. The University of Maribor supervisors and support staff will support the selected candidates to prepare applications to the HORIZON-MSCA-2024-PF-01-01 call through online preparation workshops with the National contact point for Horizon Europe MSCA programme and continuous guidance until the submission deadline.  

Postdoctoral candidates who will express their interest by 29 April 2024 together with their University of Maribor’s supervisors, will participate in the online professional support programme for winning project proposals through intensive workshops, individual consultations and more as follows

  • 7 May 2024 between 9:00 and 14:00

Preparations for a successful application to the MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships 2024 (MSCA-PF-2024) Call

Online Coaching Sessions in English (MS Teams)

Dr Stojan Sorčan, National Delegate and Contact Point for Horizon Europe MSCA at the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation

The training includes MSCA key topics, evaluation process, feedback, step-by-step guidance through evaluation criteria, and drafted proposals. Please note, that it is important to follow detailed instructions on how to participate in this tailor-made workshop which are available in its programme, published here.

  • 17 May 2024 between 9:00 and 14:00 

Mastering the development of winning MSCA PF grant applications – The full recipe

Online Coaching Sessions in English (MS Teams)

Dr Nikolaos Floratos, Key Innovations Ltd Training Director

Participants will get familiar with MSCA-PF-2024 essential info and understand the winning profile of MSCA-PF projects. Furthermore, you will be able to learn how to formulate innovative objectives, describe the best methodology, how to present your CV concerning the research project, what type of expected outcomes and impacts to suggest, how to identify credible and measurable societal, economic, and scientific broader impacts and suggest a proper strategy for achieving them. And nevertheless, to learn how to build the most appropriate work package structure and deal with risk successfully. Approximately a month after the training a Follow-up live Q&A Session will follow to discuss any questions the participants may have on their proposals.

More information available here.

  • June 2024 – the exact time and date will be announced.

Online Follow-up Q&A Session in English (MS Teams) 

Dr Nikolaos Floratos, Key Innovations Ltd Training Director

 A live follow-up Q&A session will follow within a month after the training. Mastering the development of winning MSCA PF grant applications – The whole recipe for participants to ask any further questions and discuss any issues arising during further grant application development. 


List of the MSCA PF supervisors at the University of Maribor
2024-UM MSCA PF Project pre-proposal form