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Website’s General Terms of Use

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Website’s General Terms of Use

  1. Basic concepts

Owner (hereinafter: Owner), administrator and manager (hereinafter: Administrator) of the website and domain is the University of Maribor, Slomškov trg 15, 2000 Maribor.

Website refers to every page within the address.

User of the website is any person who visits any web page of the website (hereinafter: User).

  1. General Terms acceptance and validity

The User is obliged to comply with the General Terms (Terms of Use). By using web pages, the User accepts these General Terms and declares that he or she is aware of them and agrees with them.

Terms of Use specify the characteristics of using the website and apply until recall or the publication of new ones. New Terms of Use apply upon being published on the website and replace the existing Terms of Use.

When using ICT solutions, all users of the website are obliged to follow and act in accordance with the General Terms of Use or General Terms of Service of these web pages and ICT solutions as well as comply with the information security policy of the University of Maribor.

  1. Accessibility

UM enables access for using the website every day of the year, 24 hours a day, except in case of short technical interruptions. In case of longer planned interruptions as part of larger technical operations, the notification on disturbance will be published at least three days prior to the start of works.

  1. Price of services

All services of the website are free of charge for the Users. 

  1. The University of Maribor is not responsible for:
  • any faults or data loss resulting from UM software or hardware errors;
  • possible damage to computer software or hardware used by the visitors of the website when visiting the website;
  • poor performance or inactivity of the website due to disturbances or internet network failure;
  • malfunctions of the website resulting from force majeure;
  • adverse effects of using website contents, their correctness, accurateness, completeness or up-to-dateness. Data on is of an informative nature.
  1. Intellectual Property Rights

All material (website content, documents, logos, texts, images, etc.) on the website is subject to copyright protection as well as other forms of intellectual property protection.

It is forbidden to sell, reproduce, change or distribute contents from or in any other way use any part of or the whole website.

All material (documents, guidelines, instructions, manuals, etc.) on the website created during the implementation of a public tender can be accessed by all users of the website.

  1. Violations

In case of any violations of the existing legislation or these Terms of Use, the Owner may use the transmitted personal data, including the IP address, to prevent future violations and remedy the consequences of the violation. 

Upon any violations, the user may be restricted in part or in full in the access to or use of the website.

Any attempt or execution of an unauthorized modification, deletion, damage incurrence, causing temporary or permanent unusability of data on the website is prohibited. Any attempt or execution of unauthorized access not made through the website to any other contents within the Owner’s information system is also prohibited.

  1. Settlement of Disputes

Disputes are settled by the court with territorial and substantive jurisdiction.