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Educational courses

Developing a culture of quality

Educational courses

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.Benjamin Franklin

The University of Maribor organises courses for its employees entitled “Izpopolni UM” with the emphasis on innovative teaching as well as offering support to university teachers and their didactical training. In accordance with the Yerevan and Paris Communiqué, higher education didactics with the emphasis on pedagogical excellence as well as modern teaching methods are in the forefront. Since the success of an organisation is based on highly qualified and satisfied employees, we also organise numerous workshops for recognising key competences of employees in their work as well as satisfaction at the workplace.

The courses are implemented by experienced university teachers and employees of the University of Maribor as well as internationally recognised and competent experts from other organisations in Slovenia and abroad, who have solid experience and relevant expertise.

We believe that we will contribute to the overall development of employees, follow the vision of the University of Maribor and help strengthening the quality culture of the University, consequently helping students in their studies and work as well as making the experience of employees in the process of informal education as positive as possible.

For university teachers of the University of Maribor, the participation at events for the improvement of pedagogical work is evaluated with points.

Participants receive an attendance certificate in electronic form.