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Connecting environment

The University of Maribor is traditionally involved and successfully transfers knowledge and technology to the economic and social environment.

Support for activities of researchers and students of the University of Maribor in the field of knowledge and technology transfer in cooperation with other university services is provided by the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office, which provides assistance to researchers and students of the University of Maribor in protecting and commercializing their expertise, technologies and ideas. The activity of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office thus makes an important contribution to the realization of the mission of the University of Maribor, ie. contribute to the development of society, addressing global challenges and economic progress in the region and the wider environment.

In the field of development and innovation cooperation with the environment, the University of Maribor will become a central meeting place for stakeholders in the process of knowledge and technology transfer at the local and regional level and offer quality services to all stakeholders, focusing on its strategic priority areas. With its network of meeting points, it will pave the way for its stakeholders to enter the international innovation market.

We will offer our stakeholders in the local, regional and international environment quality services for the development and protection of knowledge and technologies.

With the INNOV:UM platform, in cooperation with consortium partners, the University of Maribor is taking responsibility for strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem for the support of breakthrough innovation and entrepreneurial activities of individuals and companies in the Eastern Slovenia cohesion region. It comprises three pillars, namely the part for innovation and entrepreneurial support, the infrastructure part and the research and development part. With our activities we will support the most demanding and the most promising projects of knowledge and technologies commercialization in the Eastern Slovenia cohesion region by establishing spin-off companies or licensing and commercialization within existent companies with the aim of enhancing added value and development of the region.

We are co-creating the innovation ecosystem of the cohesion region Vzhodna Slovenija in accordance with the Development Strategy of Slovenia 2030.

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