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University Bodies

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University Bodies

UM is represented by the Rector. In his absence, duly authorized vice rectors may act on his behalf.  The University is managed by the Chief Secretary in cooperation with assistant secretaries and heads of departments. University members are represented by deans. In their absence, they are replaced by vice deans with the same rights and obligations. The activities of professional services are coordinated by chief secretaries of university members.
Other university members:
  • University Library Maribor performing tasks within the framework of internal organizational units; its bodies are the Expert Council and the director
  • Student Dormitories Maribor with the following bodies: director, Student Council of Residents and Expert Council
In accordance with the Higher Education Act, the University has the following bodies: Rector, Senate, Management Board and Student Council.


UM is represented by the Rector appointed by the Senate of the University for a period of four year. The rector represents the University, without limitations except with regard to the disposal of immovable property, for which the consent of the Management Board is required. Responsibilities and powers are laid down in various documents, the most important one being the Statute of the University of Maribor.


The highest academic and professional body is the University Senate, comprising deans, deputy-deans, academic officials, researchers, and student representatives, who meet at periodic sessions in order to decide on the policy and structure of the University.

Management Board

The decision-making body in the field of management is the Management board.

Student Council

The Students’ Council at the University of Maribor is led by Vice-rector student, has an important role and meets in periodic sessions to discuss student related issues.