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Public call for early-stage researcher candidates

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Public call for early-stage researcher candidates

Pursuant to the Scientific Research and Innovation Activities Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 186/21), the Employment Relationship Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 21/13, amended and complemented to 54/22 – ZUPŠ-1), Article 7 and 24 of the Rules on the Eligibility of Funding of Early-Stage Researchers and Procedures for Selecting Supervisors and Early-Stage Researchers No. 012/2022/3 (UM announcements, No. XL-6-2022) as well as Article 31 of the General Act on the Stable Financing of Scientific Research Activities (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 87/2022), the University of Maribor hereby publishes the 2022 PUBLIC CALL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MARIBOR FOR EARLY-STAGE RESEARCHER CANDIDATES[1] with application deadline 23 August 2022.

Purpose of the 2022 Public Call for the employment of early-stage researchers (hereinafter: Public Call) is to select early-stage researcher candidates.

Selected candidates who are not yet enrolled in doctoral programmes have to apply separately to the Call for Enrolment in Postgraduate Study Programmes at the University of Maribor in the Academic Year 2022/2023. The enrolment in doctoral studies has to be performed through the eVŠ portal.

The selection procedure will include timely and complete applications from candidates meeting the Public Call requirements. Applications by candidates who do not submit the required mandatory documents and proofs as well as applications which do not enable us to determine whether the candidate fulfils the Public Call’s requirements will be considered incomplete.

A candidate may only apply for one post and with one supervisor. 

[1] Terms in this Public Call refer to subjects in masculine form. It shall be understood that the masculine gender is used as a neutral form for both feminine and masculine subjects.

Selection criteria for early-stage researchers

Early-stage researchers may be candidates who:

  • have not yet concluded their doctoral studies or have not yet obtained the title Doctor of Science;
  • have not yet been employed as early-stage researchers;
  • not more than 4 years ago, have concluded the second-cycle study programme or education corresponding to the level of education obtained under second-cycle study programmes and which is, in accordance with the law regulating the Slovene qualifications framework, ranked to level 8 or a comparable study programme of an appropriate field obtained abroad.

The period from the last indent may be extended for early-stage researcher candidates due to parental leave, namely for the period of justified absence, due to other forms of justified absence laid down in the health insurance regulations, however, only if the absence is continuous, longer than six months and maximally for the period of documented justified absence.

Early-stage researcher candidate assessment and selection criteria are:

  1. enrolment in a third-cycle programme;
  2. received awards or recognitions;
  3. published scientific papers;
  4. contribution to research work;
  5. evaluation of candidate’s interview.

Application content

The application must contain the Early-Stage Researcher Candidate’s Application Form (Attachment 1), which has to be completed and signed, with enclosed compulsory means of proof or their electronic copies made with a scanner. Candidates may submit non-compulsory means of proof at their own discretion.

The application shall be complete if a candidate will submit the application form with all compulsory enclosures and the non-compulsory enclosures indicated in the application form.

More detailed information is available in the documents of the 1st Repeat 2022 Public Call of the University of Maribor for Early-Stage Researcher Candidates.

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