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The recovery and resilience plan

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The recovery and resilience plan

The recovery and resilience plan provides the basis for taking up funds of the European Recovery and Resilience Mechanism. It will help Slovene economy to recover and contribute to the mitigation of social consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. By implementing the planned reforms and investments for the green and digital transition, Slovene society will be more sustainable, resilient and better prepared for future challenges. Slovenia will channel European funds for recovery and resilience to the green transition, digital transformation, support for the economy, research and development, education, health care, social security and housing policy.


The Slovene RRP envisages carrying out 34 reforms and 52 investments on four pillars:

  • green transition (support for the implementation of reforms in the field of energy efficiency, use of renewable energy sources and sustainable mobility, implementation of actions for better adaptation to the effects of climate change);
  • digital transformation (the aim is to strengthen and upgrade the digital infrastructure, support the development of advanced technological solutions and next generation services and thus achieve greater business efficiency and resilience);
  • smart, sustainable and inclusive growth (contributing to the revival of productivity by encouraging innovation and investments in new technologies and business models pertaining to green and digital transition);
  • health care and social security (the aim is to increase the resilience of the social security system, improve the quality and access to long-term care and health care as well as adequacy of pensions)


European and national legal bases as well as other documents governing RRP implementation Novo