Limitations of ownership and property due to environmental protection and socio-society reasons
Pravna fakulteta UM
1. 09. 2014-2. 09. 2014

The workshop will primarily concern a use of natural resources, including but not limited to:

  • a role of the state to preserve nature,
  • public interest in common goods,
  • ownership on natural resources,
  • allowing private capital to use natural resources (concessions),
  • role of the financial capital and financial institution (also in the austerity processes) in connection to nature and natural resources;
  • social and environmental aspects of natural resources preservation,
  • examples of good and bad practices, etc.


Thus, the workshop would like to rise issues of importance for the whole society, European and globally-wide. The idea of the workshop is to analyse the role of law, its rule, the development of the jurisprudence and to assess whether the international, the EU and national laws appropriately safeguard natural resources and common heritage.

The workshop is open to expert public, to discus and to exchange experiences, good and bad practices, comparative views, etc. Workshop will consist of individual lecturers followed by the discussion.

To apply to the workshop, please, simply send e-mail with the name and surname to:

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