Competence Centres

The competence centres are defined as development and research centres that are managed by partners from industrial sector and link partners from the industry and public research sector; they focus on the promotion of the development capability and the application of new technologies in manufacturing new competitive products, services and processes at priority areas of technological development. This function is complementary to that of the centres of excellence; together they constitute an autonomous whole in the area of research and development.
The University of Maribor is in the 2010 – 2013 period involved in the following Competence centres:
Competence Centre for Advanced Control Technologies (CC ACT)
  • applicant: Zavod Center ARI
  • involved faculties: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • co-funding of the programme: 6.355.500,00 €
This competence centre operates in the field of control technology, which connects automation, computerisation and cyberneticisation of processes and systems. It involves the "hidden technology" that is found in every complex piece of equipment, system or production process and, hence represents one of the key development factors in the world and is also very important for the future development of Slovenia. This competence centre will continue the research and development activities previously initiated within the Centre of Excellence for Modern Control Technologies and will follow the development strategy, which has been developed and implemented within the "Process control technology" technology network. The programme will contribute towards achieving the strategy's objectives by developing new (and improving the existing) products, services and technologies, by introducing and distributing these technologies among the users (mainly through demonstration projects), by fostering the creation of an innovative environment and by integrating in the international real and virtual developments and the economic environment.
Competence Centre — Advanced Systems for Efficient Use of Electrical Energy (CC SURE)
  • applicant: TECES
  • involved faculties: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • co-funding of the programme: 6.399.999,00€
This centre's main objective is to build the concepts of an active network, which will be based on new technologies and will be tested within the Slovenian electricity transmission network. A detailed evaluation of the new concepts in real situations will enable industrial partners to test the developed solutions and produce a final specification. The competence centre will carry out several demonstration projects on active distribution network solutions, i.e. systemic energy efficiency, a virtual power plant, an upgrade of the existing system of the distribution network management and the automated control of household consumption. These solutions will provide for unhindered linking of dispersed sources and for general energy efficiency by taking account of the production, transmission and end users.
Competence Centre Biomedical Engineering (CC BME)
  • applicant: LAHA
  • involved faculties: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Co-funding of the programme: 6.399.863,00€
The long-term strategy of the centre is to permanently establish a large virtual research and development group joining companies and the academic sphere in the area of biomedical engineering, with a view to reaching a critical mass of knowledge, staff and material conditions enabling swift transfer of research findings into marketable products and revolutionary technological breakthroughs in the global market. This competence centre is designed to assemble the best biomedical engineering facilities in Slovenian science, technology and the economy. The centre's programme facilitates a higher concentration of investment in the area of new technologies and medical applications, closer cooperation between the scientific sphere and the economy, as well as enhanced transfer of knowledge into products and services with high value added.
Competence Centre for Cloud-Assisted Services (CC CLASS)
  • applicant: EuroCloud Slovenija
  • involved faculties: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Co-funding of the programme: 6.395.380,00€
Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing segments of the ITC industry and one of the most important areas within the network systems. Developing competencies in this area will enhance the competitiveness of the partners participating in the project, and – through access to the most advanced technologies and knowledge in this area – also the competitiveness of the Slovenian economy. The consortium will enable the development of innovative services and products by concentrating the critical mass of knowledge and various complementary disciplines. The main objective of the programme is to develop services in the area of cloud computing. The research and building of competences will focus on the following themes: security, mobility, multi-tenancy, identity management, reliability, data management and the openness of the interfaces.
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