Mission, Vision, Strategy


Research is the cornerstone of scientific and artistic excellence and high-quality teaching. In 2012, the University of Maribor adopted the  Research and Development Strategy with the vision of becoming a research university recognized for its scientific and artistic achievements.

UM's mission in the field of research and development, innovation and art is to acquire, preserve and spread knowledge through the formation of interdisciplinary research teams able to produce outstanding scientific and artistic achievements, manage research and art projects, participate in international networks and centres of excellence, thus enabling the active participation of students in R&D and artistic endeavours, contributing to the development of society, addressing global challenges and encouraging economic development of the region and the wider environment.

The primary goal with regard to R&D, innovation and art is to foster a creative environment encouraging academic freedom in order to promote sustainable development and produce outstanding scientific achievements, thus ensuring greater visibility of UM both in Slovenia and abroad.

The University of Maribor is the first Slovene university to be awarded the "HR Excellence in Research" badge and is obliged to respect the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.




Editor: Department for Research and Art
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