Innovation Ecosystem

Key support institutions of UM's innovation ecosystem operate both inside and outside the academic environment. They are part of the concept entitled Innovative Open technologies – IOT, which represents a framework for connecting regional stakeholders. 

Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office

Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office operates within the UM and provides researchers and students at the UM with support for knowledge and technology transfer in cooperation with other UM's offices. It is responsible for acquirig employee inventions at the UM and protection of inventions with intellectual property rights. The Office also implements Demola, an international programme for collaboration of students, companies and researchers through project challenges given by companies. 


Rules on industrial property rights management at UM, forms




The Research and Arts Zone of the University of Maribor (RAZ:UM) is a key integrative part of UM's innovation ecosystem. Its primary objective is to establish and coordinate an entrepreneurial environment for students and researchers and to strengthen UM’s leading position in terms of knowledge transfer in the region. Among its key tasks are the provision of assistance and the implementation of ideas produced by researchers from UM (students, professors, etc.) and the transfer of know-how to the industry and the broader social environment.

In cooperation with Ventury Factory, the university business incubator, and UM TechnoCenter, the technology transfer office, the entrepreneurship and innovation consortium of RAZ:UM provides support for entrepreneurship and innovation in the academic environment and represents an important tool for the commercialisation of expert knowledge and technologies developed within UM.

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​​Venture Factory

University business incubator

Within the framework of UM's innovation ecosystem, Venture Factory assumed the responsibility for the development and implementation of various programmes for the promotion of entrepreneurship, business consulting and start-up incubation. The programme entitled Start:up Maribor has been designed for innovative individuals and teams engaged in both the development and marketing of new products in an uncertain environment.


TechnoCenter UM

Technology transfer office

TechnoCenter UM provides professional advice during the research phase and assistance in industrial property rights protection. In order for the inventions to become highly marketable innovations, TechnoCenter UM conducts various activities, such as assessment of market potential, identification of relevant partners from the industry, negotiations for the sale and licensing of patents, conclusion of licensing agreements as well as assistance in the establishment of spin-offs.

UM's innovation ecosystem is part of international networks, such as Danube Transfer Centres coordinated by the Steinbeis Europa Zentrum from Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

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