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National Supercomputing Centre HPC RIVR

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National Supercomputing Centre HPC RIVR

In 2018, we have successfully obtained co-funding of the high-performance computing infrastructure as the leading consortium partner of the project Upgrading national research infrastructures – HPC RIVR in cooperation with the Institute of Information Sciences Maribor and the Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto. The establishment of the national supercomputing centre enables Slovene researchers and industry the use of a state-of-the-art supercomputing technology and thus significantly increases competitiveness of Slovenia on international markets and in science.

The aim of the investment is to open new fields of research and development of new services that significantly mark global trends. Computing capacities are available for R&D as well as education on the open access principle. Beside intensive computing on several physical computing units and bulk data processing, HPC RIVR also enables rapid exchange with other computing centres as well as computing on modern GPUs.

The supercomputing equipment is crucial for the development of all areas in which we will tackle the challenges of digitalisation and above all, help shape Society 5.0 which we are irresistibly approaching.Prof. dr. Zoran Ren

HPC RIVR is a directly approved project based on the call of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, which is pursuing the horizontally oriented objective towards the international competitiveness of research, innovations and technological development, pursuant to the fields of the Smart Specialization Strategy of Slovenia (S4) and objectives set out in the Declaration for cooperation in the field of high performance computing.

Basic data on the operation: