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Projects carried out by the Department for research and art, in collaboration with UM members:

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Centre for Open Inovations and Reserach UM
15.1.2013 – 30.6.2015
Public call for establishing creative cores
Prof. Dr. Karin Stana Kleinschek
University of Maribor (UM) is establishing CORE@UM (Centre for Open Innovations and Research UM), a common innovation and research platform in the region of Podravje, which will represent the core of Podravje's innovation ecosystem required for economic development, talent preservation and sustainable development.
The content of CORE@UM is divided into three research development projects (RDP), connected in an inter- and transdisciplinary manner, that will offer modern solutions in the field of materials, technologies and methodologies for an increased integration and well-being of the elderly in a rapidly evolving society:
·         RDP 1 – Advanced Materials and Technologies,
·         RDP 2 – Advanced Computing,
·         RDP 3 – Applied Studies of Complex Systems.
Research focuses on the Horizon 2020 priority entitled “Societal Challenges - Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing”.
WEB PAGE: www.core.um.si



PROJECT TITLE:             Na poti od ideje do uresničitve in zaposlitve (On the way from
                                    idea to achievement and employment)
DURATION:                    september 2012 – december 2012 (preparatory phase)
                                    june 2013 - december 2013 (implementation phase)
PROGRAMME:                 Javni razpis za sofinanciranje priprave novih programov v 
                                    mladinskem sektorju za Evropsko prestolnico mladih 2013 / Public 
                                    call for co-financing the preparation of new programmes in the
                                    youth sector for European capital of youth Maribor 2013.  
ROLE OF UM:                  Co-ordinator
PROJECT LEADER:          Andreja Nekrep
ABOUT: The main goal of the project is to incerase the employability and employent. The main project activities are focused around organizing workshops for young and young with less possibilities, which will present the following themes: encoruaging sistem and creative thinking, encouraging inovativness among young people and inovative way of looking for the employment, strenghtening the business orientation among the youth. The workshops will be organized as a spring and summer school. The other scope of the project is the series of the Out of the box seminars and the challenge:future competition.

Laboratory of employability opportunities
 6. 8. – 31. 12. 2013 (5-days workshops will be held on 11 to 15. 11. 2013)  
Public call for financing youth activities in Maribor municipality in 2013 in the year of European youth culture
Andreja Nekrep
The aim of the project is to equip young people with knowledge and competences which are needed on the labour market with an innovative, creative, interactive and holistic approach. Due to this we will contribute to wider competitiveness of youth on the labour market and will improve their employability skills.
The project will be held as 5 days long workshop, formed from 5 independent thematic scopes, which will be connected (1. Know yourself and plan your carrier, 2. Employability literacy, 3. Informed. I am, 4. The importance of personal marketing and networking for successful carrier, 5. Going to job interview).



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»Further development and pursuance of the activities of Career Centre of University of Maribor«
Career Centre of University of Maribor
1.7.2013 – 30.6.2015
Operational Programme for Human Resources Development for the period 2007 - 2013 for the 3rd development priorities: human resource development and lifelong learning priorities 3.3: quality, competitiveness and responsiveness of higher education, the European Social Fund
Andreja Nekrep


Our main goal is to help students and alumni to adjust to new challenges after their graduation and at their first steps on the path of professional life. The Centre also aims to establish contact with various companies and other potential employers. We are helping students and alumni with gaining contacts with the employers, their presentation skills and information about the possibilities of career development.

AQUA-TS Automated quality control tool system
24 months
Lifelong learning programme, Leonardo da Vinci
Andreja Čurin
The purpose of the project is to develop and test a process of controlling the quality of education through the use of the indicators set out in the Common European Framework EQAVET.
During the research, the indicators should be made objectively quantifiable and measurable, giving them values ​​that allow connecting them with other elements of specific QA systems and in accordance with the EQAVET indicators.
In this way, the partnership will develop a shared system specifically applicable to assess the quality of training systems irrespective of the objectives of the provision of training activities (economic, social, individuals and operators of production systems).

Joining academia and business for new opportunities in creating ERGOnomic WORK places
1.10.2013 – 30.9.2015
Lifelong learning programme, Erasmus multilateral projects
Andreja Čurin
Project is based on the consortiums' preliminary analysis on existing
- HEI-B cooperation in Ergonomics;
- Curricula Ergonomics for adaptation of work places for PWD;
- Equal opportunities for PWD with ergonomic work places.
The analysis revealed the main problems on EU level:
- Lack of HEI-B cooperation in Ergonomics;
- Lack of specific innovative contents, modules and approaches in Curricula Ergonomics addressing PWD
- Lack of equal opportunities for PWD at work.
With the project we will tackle the issues and provide suitable and applicable solutions.
The long-term objective of the proposal (Article 27 UNCRP) is to set the foundation for a systematic sustainable cooperation between HEI, Bussiness and other relevant stakeholders in Ergonomics for PWD in order to foster Reasonable Accommodation at work. The proposed project respecting the Priority Knowledge Alliances will:
- improve quality of Curriculum Ergonomics;
- provide students with new skills for new jobs;
- ensure equal opportunities with ergonomic workplaces.

PROJECT TITLE:         Capitalization Initiative for the Innovation and     
                                         Internationalization of the MED economic and knowledge  
ACRONYM:                     CITEK
DURATION:                    1. 7. 2013 – 31. 12. 2014
PROGRAMME:              Transnational Cooperation Programme 2007-2013; Mediterranean  
ROLE OF UM:                 Partner
PROJECT LEADER:      Andreja Čurin

Citek project involves relevant innovation stakeholders of the MED and IPA area coming from 6 countries (Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia) as well as external relevant partners. The project objectives are: to promote the improvement of the smart specialization strategies’ governance system of the MED territories; to promote the analysis, exchange and transfer of best practices on the Smart Specialization Strategies issue among MED and IPA project partners; to promote the setting up of a formalized MED system of knowledge and innovation transfer and sharing; to contribute to the strengthening of the international dimension of MED SMEs and cooperatives improving their networking and clusterization capabilities; to support the implementation of a pilot open linked data system. Particular attention is dedicated by the project to the involvement of cooperatives and social economy actors in the promotion of MED innovation and internationalization strategies. The main project activities are: Med smart specialization strategies’ implementation observatory, trans-national knowledge based innovation network platform and online tools, transnational online business community, scouting and analysis of the internationalization potentialities of the project area, pilot project for the setting up of open linked data capitalization system.

Web page: soon


PROJECT TITLE:             "Co-operation  of  SEE  science  parks  for  the  promotion  of                            
                                    transnational  market uptake of R&D results and technologies 
                                    by SMEs"
ACRONYM:                     SEETECH
DURATION:                    28. 9. 2012 - 27. 9. 2014
PROGRAMME:                 Transnational Cooperation Programme 2007-2013, South East  
                                    Europe Programme
THE ROLE OF UM:           Co-ordinator
PROJECT LEADER :         Prof. Dr. Dean Korošak
ABOUT: The SEETechnology project responds to 3 main identified challenges: (1) SMEs in the SEE region are especially weak in terms of innovation and access to innovation, (2) there is a mismatch between the supply and demand of research products at local/regional/transnational level, (3) university connected science park lack resources and knowledge and do not work closely with SMEs. Therefore the main objective is to improve and develop support services to innovative SMEs provided by university based SME-support centres and science parks in order to facilitate the take-up of research ideas and products through better access to knowledge, resources and markets locally and at transnational level. The project aims at the establishment of new and  durable  joint  transnational  services,  tools  and  frameworks  and  will  put  into  practice  developed  and improved methods and explored good practices.  Permanent co-operation and partnership schemes operated by SME support centres will be set up and web outreach and stakeholder platforms in the form of Innovation Labs will enhance  the  reach  of  SMEs  by  the  centres.


PROJECT TITLE:        Regions benefiting from returning migrants
DURATION:                1. 5. 2011 – 30. 4. 2014
ACRONYM:                 Re-Turn
PROGRAMME:             Transnational Cooperation Programme 2007-2013; Central        
                                Europe  Programme
THE ROLE OF UM:      Partner
PROJECT LEADER :    The Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography
ABOUT: Re-Turn’s main activities are linked to development and implementation of services needed to support migrants in their wish to return as well as promotion of returning migrants as a source of innovative enterprise development. Main outputs will help to achieve sustainable services and support structures to promote return migration (online-tool presenting regional and national remigration trends, handbook with transnational management tools to promote return migration, long-term implemented monitoring tools and support services for return migration).


PROJECT TITLE:          University support for research and development in industry
ACRONYM:                   R&D Industry
DURATION:                  1. 9. 2010 – 31. 8. 2013
PROGRAMME:               Transnational Cooperation Programme 2007-2013; Mediterranean  
ROLE OF UM:                Koordinator
PROJECT LEADER:        Andreja Čurin
 ABOUT: Project aims at facilitating and improving transfer of technologies with a help of different tools, which are working interactively. R&D Industry targets SMEs, which are unable to achieve proper knowledge, transfer from university due to their limited resources.
The 3 tools are:
1. SMEs analysis: analysis of 20 SMEs, selected from pre-selected 50 SMEs (by each partner in two cycles), to identify needs and problems, followed by suggestions in order to satisfy needs and problems and follow up (whether the recommendations were applied by SMEs.
2. Networking activities:
a/Research breakfasts: in order to identify the offer of knowledge and technologies of researchers
b/Meetings of researchers and SMEs: on the basis of analyzed needs of SMEs and offer provided by researchers we are organizing whether targeted topic meetings or meetings covering more topics.
c/Best researcher award: SMEs are proposing and selecting the best researcher from the research institute
3. R&D Platform with 3 subsystems:
A/Research and Project management (in order for more successful management of research and project work, including available research man power, infrastructure etc.
B/ R&D demand and supply: organized in order for researchers and SMEs to find and offer know how, technologies, special services, infrastructure
C/ IPR helpdesk: support for protection of IPR, apply for patents and similar.   
PROJECT TITLE:            Outdoor Creative Research
ACRONYM:                    OCR
DURATION:                   1. 10. 2011 – 31. 1. 2014
PROGRAMME:                Operational programme Slovenia - Hungary (SI-HU)
                                   2007 – 2013
ROLE OF UM:                 Partner
PROJET LEADER:           Energetska agencija za Podravje (ENERGAP)
ABOUT: OCR is a 3 years project of cross border Slovenia-Hungary co-operation. 5 partners from  2 countries co-operate in the frames of OCR. The main aim of the project is to establish multifunctional network, which will offer outdoor education and distance learning. The local comunities on the cross-border territoy will become the part of research environment that will ecourage reserachers to visit this places and therefore increase their research and turistic potential.












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