Research Infrastructure

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Modern and powerful research infrastructure (RI) is essential for the implementation of the basic scientific research activity of the Unive​rsity of Maribor​ (UM) as well as for the supporting activities offered to the wider economic environment.


In recent years, UM has undertaken a comprehensive strategic upgrade of RI with the aim of providing a strong, modern, optimally exploited and internationally integrated RI. The RI UM upgrade is consistent with smart specialisation and endeavour to use new infrastructure. It focuses on Advanced Materials and Technologies, Health and Safe Food, Smart Energy Systems, Smart Circular Systems as well as Artificial Intelligence and ICT, where we expect significant scientific breakthroughs.


In line with the global trend of open access RI, the Senate of the University of Maribor has on 24 November 2020 confirmed O​​p​en Access Policy for Research Infrastructure at the University of Maribor​​​, specifying the conditions of access to RI UM as well as the conditions for its usage for internal and external researchers.


The University also coordinates two major infrastructural projects​, namel​y HPC RIVR, which aims to establish a national supercomputing centre, and RIUM​, which aims to acquire and integrate state-of-the-art scientific research equipment in research fields that we prioritize. The UM has in recent years already introduced many pieces of research equipment, primarily intended for the implementation of scientific research activities of the UM employees and students, but accessible also to external users, which we present in the following link Overview of the research equipme​nt of the members of the University of Maribor with value over EUR 5,000.00​​.

We kindly ask you to check with the specified administrators about the terms of use and access to RI UM. If no administrator name is specified, please contact the dean's office of the faculty. Additionally, all contact details are available in the SI​CRIS​ system.

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