Re-Accreditation of UM

On December 4th, 2012, University of Maribor applied for institutional re-accreditation to the National Agency of the RS for Quality in Higher Education (Slov. abbr. NAKVIS) as ground for the performance of its activity and therefore it is of upmost importance for the whole University of Maribor.
External evaluation is a procedure of a holistic assessment of the functioning of a higher education institution. In the framework of external evaluation, following fields are to be assessed:
  1. Inclusion in the environment;
  2. Functioning of the higher education institution;
  3. staff;
  4. students;
  5. material conditions (space, equipment, library system and financing);
  6. providing for orientation towards quality, innovation and development.
An obligatory part of this procedure is also an evaluation visit. The Council of NAKVIS has nominated a groups of experts for the preparation of a common evaluation report on the fulfilment of conditions for the prolongation of the accreditation of University of Maribor, consisting of:


  • Prof. Dr. Mirko Soković, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, president,
  • Prof. Dr. Dušan Krnel, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education, member,
  • Prof. Dr. Hans Robert Hansen, Institute for Business Administration and Information Systems, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, member,
  • Prof. Dr. Blanca Palmada, University of Girona, Department for Language and Communication, member,
  • dr. Terence Alfred Clifford-Amos, visiting scholar to the Université Catholique de Lille, member
  • Jelena Štrbac Nemec, Student organisation of Slovenia, member,
  • Ana Pleško, student, member,
  • Taja Železnik, student, member.


The named group of experts is going to visit University of Maribor in the framework of the external evaluation between May 29th and 31st, 2013. The visit will start and end with conversations at the rector’s office, in the time in-between the experts are going to visit the members selected in advance. In the framework of the visit, they will talk to the leaderships, members of bodies and committees, all kinds of staff and students both on the university and the member level, they will take a look at the space and equipment and various documents.
Re-accreditation procedure will end by the decision of the Council of the agency on the prolongation of the accreditation, based on the assessment of the completed application, the report by the group of experts and the comments of the applicant to the report. For the Council of the agency it is essential to obtain an impartial, unique and clear professional opinion on the fulfilment of criteria within the individual fields of assessment determined in the accreditation criteria from the group of experts. At establishing the status, the Council of the agency acts in line with the principle of free judgement of proof delivered by the group of experts.


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