Quality on UM


The University of Maribor began to design an internal quality system in 1997 by establishing a special committee, which is called the Quality Assessment Commission (KOKU) and is classified a permanent committee of the Senate of the University since 2003. In 2006,  UM established an independent professional service in charge of quality to coordinate activities in the field of quality monitoring and to provide KOKU with technical support. In 2011, Rector Prof. Danijel Rebolj, PhD, identified quality development as a priority of his work programme. He appointed a Vice Rector for Quality Development and established the Quality Development Centre.  


Since 2009, UM is conducting internal institutional evaluations in accordance with the Criteria for the Accreditation and External Evaluation of Higher Education Institutions and Study Programmes a regular basis (Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education). In 2012, UM began to conduct follow-up internal institutional evaluations.


Since students play an increasingly important role in the development of quality, UM provides them with training in line with the SPARQS model in order to develop a unique model for student participation in the quality assurance system at UM.


Another significant challenge is also to raise the academic community’s awareness of the importance of its participation (employees and student) in evaluations of UM’s education activities and scientific research. Towards the end of 2012, the Senate of the University adopted the Quality Manual.


In terms of the development of a culture of quality, UM's mission is to transform itself into a sustainable and socially responsible institution. In 2011, the Council for Sustainability and Social Responsibility was established, which is chaired by the Rector. The concept of sustainable development has been supplemented with the principles of social responsibility. The new strategy was adopted by the Senate in May 2012. In April 2012, the Committee for Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility was established, which prepared a draft policy of sustainable development and social responsibility as well as a list of relevant activities until 2020, among which priorities for 2013 have been identified.


At UM’s initiative, the Resolution on the Commitment of Slovene Universities to Develop a Quality Culture in HE was prepared and signed by the rectors of Slovene universities in March 2012.

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