Self evaluations

In accordance with the Rules on Self-Evaluation, the Evaluation of the University and its Members and the Composition of the Quality Assessment Committee, all university members conduct self-evaluations on a yearly basis since 2000. They also compile reports on quality assurance. Self-evaluations are conducted in order to assess the current situation, introduce changes and propose improvements. 
The self-evaluation report, which is composed of self-evaluation reports prepared by university members, is compiled by the self-evaluation group of the University. The annual self-evaluation report is discussed by the senate, expert councils of other university members and other bodies of university members, including various committees, student councils and academic councils. Self-evaluation reports for the past year must be submitted to the relevant professional service of the University by 15 January.
The purpose of self-evaluations in the field of education and scientific research is to continuously maintain, promote and improve the quality of educational activities. Self-evaluation at the institutional level ensures a rational and permanent basis for professional decision making, development planning and quality improvement.
In accordance with the criteria of the national evaluation body, the following aspects are being assessed during self-evaluation of the University or its members:
  • integration into the environment
  • activities of the institution
  • documentation and concern for quality
  • personnel
  • students
  • material conditions
  • quality assurance
The self-evaluation process ends with an assessment of advantages and disadvantages of individual aspects and suggestions for quality improvement. Self-evaluation groups discuss the current situation, provide an assessment of the situation and suggest possible measures for overcoming deficiencies and quality improvement.
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