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UM Pedagogical Network

Developing a culture of quality

UM Pedagogical Network

The community is intended for higher education teachers and faculty assistants of the University of Maribor. The basic goal is to establish a safe environment for strengthening integration, mutual support and exchange of experiences during the course of the pedagogical process at UM.

What are the benefits of inclusion in the community?

  • A secure e-environment for sharing teaching practices, knowledge and challenges.
  • Providing quick advice in case of dilemmas and support based on experience.
  • Development and testing of ideas in connection with pedagogical approaches.
  • Support in adapting the pedagogical process for equal study opportunities.
  • Collection of information to facilitate the start of pedagogical work for new employees.

Each UM faculty also has an appointed member of the working group who participates in the coordination of community activities. The community is organized in a closed team of the Microsoft Teams environment, coordinated by the Department of Education and Study of the UM.