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Supporting Ukraine

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Supporting Ukraine

At the University of Maribor, we follow the events in Ukraine with indignation and concern and strongly condemn any violence. We are worried about the endangered lives of students, professors and employees at Ukrainian universities as well as about the suffering of the entire Ukrainian nation due to the violence caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We are joining the calls for an immediate cease of attacks on Ukraine, withdrawal of the Russian forces and for a start of negotiations on a long-term diplomatic solution to the dispute.

All foreign students are welcome at the University of Maribor. Currently, there are also 13 Ukrainian ones among them. Many relationships and connections were formed between our and Ukrainian exchange students as well as professors within the Erasmus+ programme. We were always accepted and welcome in the Ukrainian university environment. Together with the UM Student Council, we will continue to provide quality life conditions for Ukrainian students during their studies at our university. We will make sure that they will feel welcome and safe while staying with us.

These days, there are numerous humanitarian aid actions taking place in Slovenia to provide assistance to those affected by the current events in Ukraine. The Student Councils of the University of Maribor responded to the events on their own initiative and launched an emergency collection campaign.

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