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Prof. dr. Janja HOJNIK

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Prof. dr. Janja HOJNIK

Janja Hojnik (born 1979 in Ptuj) graduated in Law and Economics and is Doctor of Juridical Science with the State Juridical Exam as well as Jean Monnet Chair Professor of EU Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Maribor. She is Vice-Rector for Quality, HR and Legal Affairs (2018-2022) and since 2016 the Head of Doctoral Programme at the Faculty of Law of the University of Maribor. Before that, she was Vice-Dean for Research and International Relations (2015-2018). After graduating at the Faculty of Law (2002) and the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Maribor (2003), she was one year employed as a Trainee Judge at the High Court in Maribor. Since November 2003, she is employed at the Faculty of Law of the University of Maribor (initially as a young researcher) where she obtained her doctorate in EU Law in 2007 and is since June 2018 holding the title of Full Professor.

Her research and educational work pertains to EU Law. In her research, she focuses on the study of the legal aspects of the EU internal market (in particular free movement of goods and services), price regulation, international trade and digital economy (developing concept Law 4.0). She was the first among legal experts who begun to study the trend of servitization (i.e. business models in which businesses add services to their range of products). Her independent scientific contributions are published in several influential international legal journals, e.g. in Common Market Law Review as well as in International Journal of Law and IT. She took part in notable international scientific monographs, for example when commenting on the Treaty on the functioning of the EU for Springer as well as in the first monograph on the evaluation of Juridical Science in Europe (Edward Elgar Publishing). In Slovenia, she was the author or co-author of several monographs on EU Law, including the book Prost pretok blaga v EU/Free movement of goods in EU (GV Založba, 2010), for which she was awarded by the Association of societies of Jurists of Slovenia. Her bibliography comprises of more than 830 units. So far, she was the holder of three Jean Monnet projects of the European Commission, currently Jean Monnet Chair on EU law aspects of smart and sharing economy.

She was visiting lecturer at the University of Ljubljana, at Oxford, in Graz, Belgrade, Trieste, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, at the University of Sarajevo, Sciences Po in Paris, in Luxembourg, at the University of Edinburgh, etc. She spent one year at Kingston University in London, four months at the University of Graz and underwent two professional trainings at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. She is also mentoring students participating in competitions and the Amicus Curiae project. Up to date, she was the supervisor for over 110 students’ theses at all study levels. Since 2014, she is the member of a legal experts group appointed by the Slovenian government to advise the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on succession issues of the former SFRY; at different levels involved in discussions on the future of the EU after Brexit. She was also member of the committee in charge of preparing the legal basis for the establishment of the national commission on integrity in science at the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts and a member of the advisory group of the Slovenian Research Agency (2016-2018). As part of her cooperation with commercial practice, she prepares legal opinions on EU legal matters, participates in arbitrations and is member of the supervisory board of a large Slovenian company.