Visa and Residence permit for students from EU-EEA countries

VIDEO: Here is presented all application procedure for residence permit with all filled forms.


you have to fill in the form below. There is an empty place (Transfer reference) and you have to fill it by the number written below.

You have to save the payment slip and give it in the envelope with other documents! Please make copy that you will have the proof of payment.

rešena položnica.PNG

TRANSFER REFERENCE:    11 62278-7111002-00002021

it is the number which you have to write it in the empty place - REFERENCA PREJEMNIKA. it changes every semester, so pay attention on our directions when you can start to fill the payment form.


All filled documents you have to bring at the Rectorate (Slomškov trg 15), and leave the closed envelope at the reception at the marked place for documents for residence permit.

Your full application MUST HAVE:
  • Application form for EU + EEA citizen (Form 1);
  • Copy of valid Identity card or Passport and the original as the proof;
  • Copy of your Acceptance letter and the original or copy of your Confirmation of Enrollment and the original (as a proof that you are enrolled in a recognized educational institution);
  • Confirmation of your EMŠO number – you will receive that at the registration at your faculty;
  • Copy of your European health insurance card (and the original as the proof) or other health insurance policy, but it has to be translated into Slovene or English language; 
  • Declaration of finances – min. 420,00 € per month (Form 2);
  • Statement of length of stay in Slovenia (Form 3)
  • Personal photo of 3,5 x 4,5  - a proper photo on a photo paper, no copies or printed photos (a photo is for official document and if it does not suit the standards, it can be refused);
  • Declaration of temporary residence:
    • if you stay in a private accommodation you can bring a copy of your signed contract for your accommodation (and the original as the proof)  or confirmation from your private accommodation – Declaration of owner (Izjava lastnika – Form 4) – the owner of the accommodation/flat, where you are staying, should fill it in and sign it;
    • if you stay in the Student dormitories you have to bring a copy of your signed contract for your accommodation (and the original as the proof) – you will get it at the Administration office of your Student dormitory;
The cost of the tax + card is 14,66 € (you pay tax at the office for foreigners).


You will receive a temporary confirmation, if you are a resident of the Student dormitories, please give them a copy of this confirmation as soon as possible (Administration office of your Student dormitory)!

The Municipality will inform you via e-mail, when the card will be done (if all your documents are ok, if not, you will need to probably go there again).

At the end of your mobility, you have to return your residence permit card to the municipality.

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