Course catalogue and faculties information

​Each faculty offers courses in English in their Course catalogue.


You can choose subjects from up to 3 different faculties.

The majority of chosen subjects in your LA has to be from the faculty that covers study areas, specified in the Erasmus+ Interinstitutional Agreement between your home university and the University of Maribor.



Faculty (click the faculty for web site)


Faculty coordinator 

Course catalogue*


Faculty of Economics and Business

mag. Sanja Kocijan

EPF_Course Catalogue
EPF_Course Catalogue


Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

red. prof. dr. Matjaž Colnarič

Barbara Ferbežer




Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture

lekt. Sabina Mulej (Erasmus faculty coordinator)

mag. Damijana Zlatolas (administrative assistant)

doc. dr. Kaja Pogačar (assistant for Architecture)

viš. pred. mag. Beno Mesarec (assistant for Traffic and Transportation Engineering)

FGPA_Course Catalogue


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

izr. prof. dr. Nataša Vujica Herzog (Mechanical Engineering)

izr. prof. dr. Julija Volmajer Valh (Textile Engineering)


Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

red. prof. dr. Peter Krajnc 

    FKKT_Course Catalogue
FKKT_C​ourse Catalogue


Faculty of Arts

doc. dr. Tomaž Onič

mag. Alenka Marušič

FF_Course Catalogue
FF_Course Catalogue


Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

doc. dr. Nataša Pipenbaher
FNM_Course Catalogue
FNM_Course Catalogue


Faculty of Education

Jelena Krivograd


Faculty of Law

izr. prof. dr. Suzana Kraljić

Rebeka Livić

PF_Course Catalogue
PF_Course Catalogue


Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences

doc. dr. Silva Grobelnik Mlakar

doc. dr. Anastazija Gselman

FKBV_Course Catalogue
FKBV_Course Catalogue


Faculty of Health Sciences

Maja Štiglic

FZV_Course Catalogue
FZV_Course Catalogue


Faculty of Medicine

prof dr. Breda Pečovnik Balon

mag. Milena Orož Črešnar

MF_Course Catalogue
MF_Course Catalogue


Faculty of Organizational Sciences (located in Kranj)

izr. prof. dr. Uroš Rajkovič


FOV_Course Catalogue
FOV_Course Catalogue


Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security (located in Ljubljana)

doc. dr. Aleš Bučar Ručman


Faculty of Logistics (located in Celje)

doc. dr. Matevž Obrecht

Vid Mlejnik

FL_Course Catalogue
FL_Course Catalogue


Faculty of Energy Technology (located in Krško and Velenje)

izr. prof. dr. Sebastijan  Seme

Jerneja K​lemenčič​

​​FE_Course Catalogue
FE_Course Catalogue


Faculty of Tourism (located in Brežice)

izr. prof. dr. Mitja Gorenak

FT_Course Catalogue
FT_Course Catalogue

 *While care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this Catalogue, courses may be changed subsequently.

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