The University of Maribor confirmed the duration of the winter semester from 1st October 2020 until 19th February 2021.

Because of the very unpredictable situation, we are planning two different scenarios for the first semester 2020/21:

1. Blended Mobility - there are presential activities, as well as, online activities, and eventually, the student needs to travel to Slovenia;

2. Presential Mobility - all the activities are presential, and the student needs to travel to Slovenia.


We advise Erasmus students to arrive to Slovenia in the second half of September. If the 14-day quarantine is required for you, ask your accommodation provider to provide you quarantine too.


At the moment, we are standing up for a blended delivery mode, which includes starting with online delivery for the first month of the academic year that all Erasmus students can safely arrive to Slovenia and continuing with face-to-face lectures in November.


The Government of Slovenia daily updates information regarding the safe and critical countries. The safe ones are marked with a green, and their citizens don’t need quarantine, but countries with yellow and red have to use quarantine, and because more and more countries are in a critical area on a daily basis, we would like to avoid all costs, inconveniences and unfair situations. Please find more information here:

Short instructions on quarantine procedures:  Semafor_angl_28.8.2020.jpg

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Also, we recommend checking this webpage, where daily information of Slovenia is in English:

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