European Policy Statement

I.                    Introduction


The University of Maribor (UM) is a broad-based public educational institution committed to both excellence in education and the extension of knowledge through basic and applied research as well as creative and artistic expression. UM promotes international multi-disciplinary cooperation and fair competition. UM provides equal opportunities  to students and embraces freedom of thought and expression and non-discrimination as its core values. It is committed to the highest standards of academic honesty and integrity. The University is establishing partnerships with businesses, governmental organizations and NGOs in order to  (1) promote teaching, scientific research and mobility; (2) improve cooperation with citizens; (3) encourage democratic and ethical values as well as civil responsibility; (4) address societal and environmental issues; (5) promote sustainable development; and (6) contribute to the public good.


II.                  Principles of Modernisation and Development  


Study programmes and scientific research shall be tailored to the needs of the European economy and society. This task is being carried out by the Research and Arts Zone (RAZ:UM) in line with UM’s Research and Development Strategy. This shall prevent unemployment of graduates and fill the gaps in the supply chain of the knowledge transfer line from idea to innovation. Thus, the University of Maribor shall continue to improve the mechanisms of quality assurance through its quality culture strategy adopted in 2012. Regular  internal and periodic external evaluations shall support the development of a quality culture.


Due to its geographic location, the University of Maribor represents a bridge between Western and Northern Europe and South-East Europe, esp. through its cultural and historic integration in Central Europe, the eastern European flatland and the South European Adriatic area. Since these three regions are considered equally important, the University of Maribor is striving to become a driving force of qualitative mobility across the borders of Slovenia, but also the borders of Danube and Adriatic universities and other higher education institutions. Knowledge transfer – the bridge between the creative mind and practical innovative applications, i.e. bringing together students, researchers and entrepreneurs striving to create a pool of the region’s brightest minds with the purpose of establishing an innovation centre for Central and South East Europe. If development of Central and South Eastern Europe will be encouraged, we shall not fear brain drain and immigration of the youth.


The University of Maribor shall continue to both foster integration and improve the quality of university management, especially in its region, where these aspects of higher education management still lag behind other European areas. A modern organisation and structure of university management based on the principles of rational use of resources and optimisation of spending within the set of priorities shall also lead to more effective funding of research and teaching, greater attractiveness for stakeholders and the return of mobile students.


III.                Central Elements of Institutional Policy


In order to promote the above mentioned organisation and development, the University of Maribor shall expand its network of bilateral partners from higher education institutions across Europe and beyond within the framework of its umbrella document on internationalisation, but with a special focus on regional development. Activities of the University of Maribor aimed at increasing student and staff mobility shall be open to all interested parties, especially those from economically depressed regions. The Association of Handicapped Students of the University of Maribor and the Student Council assist the University in making mobility accessible to both students with special needs and socially disadvantaged students of both genders as well as various religious and ethnic groups. All staff members, be it academic or administrative, are being introduced to these basic principles of the University. .UM disseminates examples of good practice within its own structures and networks. Special emphasis shall be put on practical training and the recognition of soft skills within study programmes.

Not only due to the rationalisation process, but mainly due to the need for inter-disciplinarity and international integration of the University of Maribor, the internationalisation strategy shall always represent a priority for international multi-disciplinary degree programmes at various levels, with an emphasis on automatic recognition of agreed and realised academic achievements based on ECTS. UM does its best to overcome any obstacles in the development of such programmes.

EPS was adopted by the Senate of the University of Maribor on 16 April 2013

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