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Erasmus+ Programme enables a student to conduct a part of his or her regular study obligations at any level or cycle, respectively, (including preparation of diploma, master or doctoral thesis, but excluding research not being a direct obligation of studies) at an international partner institution (in this case University of Maribor) instead of the domestic institution.


Partner higher education (sending) institutions are institutions from partner states, who have entered an Erasmus+ Institutional Agreement with University of Maribor (further on: UM) for student mobility for the purpose of studies. 

To this call, students may apply to be mobile from a partner institution to UM.


In the framework of this call, mobility from all listed partner institutions to UM will be co-financed within the given range of means.


A student may apply also above the given means using the Erasmus+ benefits, but will not obtain any financial grant (zero-grant student).

Studies at UM can last a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 months. Practical placement can last a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12 months.


Students, who will obtain financial means in the framework of this call, may apply to mobility for the time of one semester. A student might decide to prolong mobility before the end of the semester, but the additional period will be co-financed only in case of available means.


This call enables applications for mobility for the purpose of studies at UM in the period from 1 August 2019 till 31 July 2021.


Students meeting the basic requirements for the status of an »Erasmus+ Student« foreseen by the programme, may apply to this call, and they are:

- status of a student at the domestic institution in the time of the study abroad,
- enrolment in academic year 2019/2020 in second year of under-graduate studies at the domestic institution, at least,
- the student must not exceed the maximum of 12 months exchange in the framework of Erasmus LLP, Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus+ on the same level of studies (to which he or she will be enrolled in academic years 2019/2020 or 2020/2021) together with the planned mobility. Students of unique programmes (5 or 6 year programmes) must not exceed 24 months.

The period of studies abroad must be a part of the study programme of the student of first cycle (under-graduate or equal), second cycle (master level or equal) and third or doctoral cycle or level. 

Based on this call, a student may apply only for one student mobility.

Students, who have not settled financial relations from the programmes Erasmus LLP, Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus+, may not apply to this call.

Students cannot be mobile to a university in the state of the sending institution, nor to a state where they reside or have their permanent residence, where they were born or any state of their citizenship.

The student has to spend all of the Erasmus+ studies abroad at the place of the receiving institution! UM may request for proof of stay at any time, as there are: a copy of a rental contract at the place of studies for the total period, registration at the foreigners' office of the place of studies abroad, confirmation of payment of rent, etc.

Study obligations agreed before departure by the student and the sending and receiving institution in the Learning Agreement for Studies that will be performed by the student at the partner institution abroad will be recognised at the domestic institution after the return. 

Recognition of successfully passed obligations may be rejected only, if the student did not reach the requested level of knowledge/skills demanded by the receiving institution or did not fulfil other agreed obligations and conditions for recognition.


A pre-condition of the Erasmus+ programme is that all obligations passed in the time of Erasmus+ studies abroad have to be recognised at least by entrance into the Diploma Supplement.

In line with the conclusion of the Senate of UM students have to collect following credits in time of their study abroad, in order to be allowed the total financial grant:
- min. 10 ECTS for a trimester,
- min. 20 ECTS for a semester and
- min. 40 ECTS for an academic year.


A student receives a grant for travel costs and individual support.


The grant for travel costs is depending on the distance between the seat of the domestic institution and the place of the destination and is approved based on actual costs, but to the maximum of the amounts in Table 1.

Table 1 – Travel costs – maximum amounts regarding the distance between the seat of the domestic institution and the place of the destination

Distances  Amount of grant (EUR/participant)
Distances from 10 to 99 km20
Distances from 100 to 499 km180
Distances from 500 to 1999 km275
Distances from 2000 to 2999 km360
Distances from 3000 to 3999 km530
Distances from 4000 to 7999 km820
Distances of 8000 km or more1500        


A distance is to be calculated by the distance calculator provided by European Commission:​

The one way distance has to be used for the calculation of the EU grant for coverage of travel costs.


Erasmus+ individual support only finances costs of stay abroad and does not cover all costs. The amount of the monthly Erasmus+ grant is granted based on table 2.


Table 2 – Amount of individual support

Sending stateHosting stateAmount of grant (EUR/month)
Partner stateSlovenia800
SloveniaPartner state700


The grant may be granted only for the time of duration of regular study obligations in line with the academic calendar at the receiving institution.


The starting date of the Erasmus+ activity (that has to be stated by the student in the application) is the first day of the student's (justified) presence at the receiving institution. This may be the day of the first lecture, a welcome event organised by the receiving institution or an intercultural course (e.g. Welcome Week).


The end date of the Erasmus+ activity (that has to be stated by the student in the application) is the last day, when the student has to be present at the receiving institution. This may be e.g. the last day of the examination period/work/obligatory presence.

In case that UM will obtain more complete applications than there are available financial funds or places for studies and/or practical placement for partner states in academic year 2019/2020 or 2020/2021, UM will conduct a selection procedure based on following criteria:  

40% - Academic success of a student in the past academic years
30% - Motivation letter
30% - CV with mentioned additional activities.

Advantage will be given to disadvantaged students.

UM will strive for equal representation of all partner institutions.

In case that till the running out of the call there will be means left for co-financing of studies abroad, another call for applications will be published.

Students applying to this call will be notified on the results of selection procedures and all further procedures to their electronic address stated in their application.


Special needs students confirmed for Erasmus+ exchange, may apply for additional financial support.​




Before applying to the call, a student shall check the list of partner institutions, fields and levels of study within the table of inter-institutional agreements. The sending home institution must be a partner university of the University of Maribor.


Before the application to the call, a student shall check internal procedures for the application for mobility for a study period abroad at the sending home institution.


The application has to contain:

1. Application form with Learning Agreement - please note that it is obligatory to use our own documents from following web page: (type mobility: CREDIT MOBILITY!). The document has to be confirmed by the student and the Erasmus+ coordinator or responsible person at the department or faculty and the Erasmus institutional coordinator or responsible person of the sending institution.*

2. Transcript of Records on all passed exams for all levels of study with average grade

3. Confirmation of English language knowledge on the level of B1 at least in line with CEFR ( ). Knowledge of English language is proven by a verified confirmation (Attachment 1) by the English teacher at the home department or by presentation of a TOEFL result 42 (IBT) or more, IELTS 4.0 or more, or by another equal certificate

4. a signed Declaration on already conducted student mobility (Attachment 2)

5. a signed Declaration on state of residence, birth and citizenship (Attachment 3)
6. a Motivation letter up to a max. 1 A4 page signed by the applicant

7. Curriculum Vitae (Europass) with mentioned additional activities (Attachment 4)

8. a valid actual Confirmation on enrolment

9. a copy of a valid personal document (passport or ID).


*Students applying for preparation of a diploma, master or doctoral thesis have to attach also the »Mobility Activity Plan« (Attachment 5) confirmed by the student and the Erasmus+ coordinator or other responsible person at the sending institution to the application.


All documents have to be in PDF format.


The complete application is to be sent to the Erasmus+ coordinator or other responsible person of the International Relations Office of the domestic institution from the list of Erasmus partner institutions. 

Students with special needs can apply for extra financial funds (see Application for additional financing of participants with special needs).



Erasmus+ status brings along benefits beside the mere grant. Especially, benefits of a tuition waver might be interesting in several cases or other benefits connected to the student status abroad could be helpful. Therefore, a student, who does not get any financial grant and wishes to make the Erasmus+ experience anyway, may also apply for mobility and take care of the application.



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