1st AARC PhD Students Conference on Environment and Sustainable Energy


November 24 th  – 25 th  2016, University of Maribor (Slovenia)



Overall aim: Alps  Adriatic Rectors Conference and University of Maribor organize PhD Students Conference on Environment and Sustainable Energy which is scheduled on November 24th – 25th, 2016, Maribor (Slovenia). The overall aim of the conference is the transfer of knowledge, ideas and experiences between various universities around Alps Adriatic region.

Target audience: We welcome all PhD students within the wider field Environment and ​Sustainable Energy from all over Alps Adriatic region. (Economics and Business, Management and  Law Sciences, Biology Biochemistry and Microbiology, Environment, Environmental protection technology and Earth sciences, Physical sciences, Mathematics and statistics, Chemistry and Chemical engineering, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), Architecture and Construction, Civil Engineering and  Transport services, Agriculture, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering (Electricity, energy, electronics and automation), Security services, Health Sciences, Sociology and cultural studies…))

PhD Students from all over Alps Adriatic region will have opportunity to present their research projects either an oral or poster format. The oral presentation will allow students to give a 15-minute presentation of their topic and includes time for questions.

It is also the perfect occasion for PhD. students to get to know each other and build up their network in a relaxed atmosphere, and to create strong links between universities from Alps Adriatic region

Submitted posters and presentations will be evaluated by a panel of evaluators. The material submitted by non-selected participations will also be published through the website of the meeting. All posters and presentations have to be sent till November 7th by Webtransfer or dropbox to e-mail damir.mlakar@um.si


-          ORAL PRESENTATIONS: Thursday, November 24th, 2016, Boris Podrecca Hall of the University of Maribor
-          POSTER PRESENTATIONS (format A0): Friday, November 25th, 2016 Boris Podrecca Hall and Jože Plečnik Hall at the University of Maribor


Entry forms must be submitted online no later than November 7th  2016.



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