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Visa and Residence permit for students from NON EU-EEA countries

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Visa and Residence permit for students from NON EU-EEA countries


All filled documents you have to bring at the Rectorate (Slomškov trg 15), and leave the closed envelope at the reception at the marked place for documents for residence permit.

Students from NON EU countries need a VISA to enter Slovenia, so all of them should already have a VISA before their arrival.

VISA is already a permit to enter and live in Slovenia. Students who have their VISA do not need to file the form for the residence permit BUT they still need to go to the Municipality.


EXCEPT! If they live in a student dorm. You can find a detailed explanation below!

Students who do not have a VISA need to go to the Municipality and file the form. Be aware that NON EU students and EU student have a different FORM.​​

You can find the list of embassies here.
Within three days of arriving in Maribor, you need to confirm your residence permit at the Municipality of Maribor, Office for Foreigners – see the address below. You have to bring:
  • If you stay in a private accommodation: confirmation from your private accommodation – Signed contract or Declaration of owner (Izjava lastnika) – print it out from our website or you can get it in our office – the owner of the accommodation/flat, where you are staying, should fill it in and sign it – as an alternative to that you can also bring a copy of your lease contract;
  • If you stay in the Student dormitories, they will take care of that.
  • Copy of your residence permit/visa and the original as a proof
  • Copy of your passport (first page) and the original as a proof
  • Declaration of temporary residence:

Urednik strani: International Relations Office