Mission, Vision and Strategic documents

​​​​​UM has a broad-based vision and mission enabling faculties and other university members to specify their own visions and goals within the framework of UM's mission.

The mission of the University of Maribor is based on honesty, curiosity, creativity, freedom of spirit, cooperation and knowledge transfer in the field of science, art and education. Concerned with mankind and sustainable development, the University of Maribor expands knowledge, raises awareness, and promotes humanistic values as well as the culture of dialogue, quality of life and global justice.
The University of Maribor shall become a globally recognized innovation ecosystem, inspiring the creativity of both employees and students.
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Strategic documents:

The strategic goals of the University of Maribor for the period from 2021 to 2030 are founded on the commitment of the University to pursuing its mission and vision, which determine a complex system of goals for creative integration of  esearch and education as well as involvement in solving local and global societal challenges. The University’s mission and vision underline the importance of concern for interpersonal relations and creative working environment, which enables the
employees’ and students’ well-being. The University of Maribor determined ten areas of its long-term strategic orientations based on a detailed analysis of the state of achievement of the strategic goals determined to be reached until 2020, while considering the European and global development guidelines in higher education and science, and in recognition of the specifics and needs of its own environment. The strategic orientations of the University of Maribor are the result of ideas and vision of people who participated in their design. We are determined to pursue the goals in the next ten years together, using our knowledge and energy, and to achieve them successfully.

The strategy of the University of Maribor pursues an inclusive, innovative and integrated higher education area that will train active, critically-thinking and responsible citizens, guarantee the quality of education and research, academic integrity, and cultivate concern for sustainable development of society. It stresses the importance of the freedom of research and institutional autonomy, development of lifelong learning, digitalisation and green infrastructure. It follows the orientations of the Rome Ministerial Communiqué of 2020 on the development of higher education in Europe, the Magna Charta Universitatum 2020 principles and the national strategic documents on higher education.

Strategy of the University of Maribor: Strategy of the University of Maribor 2021-2030.pdf

University of Maribor Gender Equality Action Plan 2021: UM Gender Equality Action Plan.pdf


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