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Important coronavirus information for UM Students

26. 11. 2020​



Dear students!


Due to the still aggravated epidemiological picture, we are extending measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases at the University of Maribor, which means that distance learning/study process will take place until the end of the calendar year (until 31 December 2020). You will receive more information regarding the implementation of the distance learning process at your faculties.


We would like to inform you once again how important it is to follow the measures of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the National Institute for Public Health to curb the spread of the virus. The link above contains all usefull information regarding COVID-19 measures.


We will inform you about the potential gradually lifting of measures in the field of the pedagogical process as soon as the epidemiological picture improves. Please keep up to date with the websites of your faculties.


Take care of yourselves, follow the National Institute for Public Health guidelines and stay healthy! 

24. 09. 2020​


Health insurance of foreign students

COVID-19 is an infectious disease in accordance with the Infectious Diseases Act, so health services related to this disease are among the emergency health services covered by compulsory health insurance. In case there is a suspicion that they have fallen ill or are actually suffering from COVID-19, students shall exercise their right to emergency medical services on the basis of do​cuments if they have submitted them to the provider (European Health Insurance Card, certificate in the case of EU, EEA, Switzerland) or in the case of bilateral agreements on the basis of a document issued to them by Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia. When claiming emergency or necessary health services, they are equal with Slovenian insured persons, which means that they are subject to the same rules and procedures as Slovenian insured persons.

Foreign students coming from third countries (America, Turkey, Canada, etc.), ie countries that are not subject to the European law and Slovenia doesn't have bilateral social security agreements with, that would regulate the field of health care and are not included in compulsory health insurance , have to pay for health care services in case there is a suspicion or have actually contracted COVID-19.

23. 09. 2020​

Border crossing with Croatia

Croatia is on the red list of neighbouring countries.

Due to the large cross-border connection of the population, the crossing of the border with Croatia is subject to a wider range of exceptions, that includes all exceptions in the first paragraph of Article 10 of the Decree, except for point 17 (tourist visits), and three exceptions* in the second paragraph of Article 11.  (e.g. owners of properties, vessels, camping ground flat rates and people with scheduled medical exams, also non-urgent).
Exceptions also include the 11th line of Article 10 of the Decree: » a person who crosses the border (daily or occasionally) due to involvement in education or scientific research in the Republic of Slovenia or abroad tujini and proves that with documentation, his/her parents and companions that are returning within 24 hours after the border crossing«.

We would like to inform all students coming from Croatia that a quarantine for them is not mandatory but it is for all other countries on the red list.

21. 8. 2020


Dear students of Student Dormitories in Maribor,

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia is also, among the measures to curb the spread of COVID 19 infections, carrying out the quarantine. Quarantine is a measure that restricts the free movement of healthy people and is ordered by the Ministry of Health on the proposal of the National Institute of Public Health. The quarantine decision is given by the Ministry of Health by post or it is served at the border upon entry into Slovenia.

Regarding this, we would like to warn you that the capacities in the Student Dormitories of the University of Maribor are not suitable and do not enable the implementation of quarantine measures, so quarantine at the address of the Student Dormitories of the University of Maribor is explicitly prohibited. In case of a violation, the Management of Student Dormitories will act in accordance with Article 61 of the Dormitory Rules.

You can read how to deal with the quarantine here.

14. 8. 2020



Students from countries on the red list who enter Slovenia, must undergo a mandatory 14 days quarantine. During the quarantine it is not allowed to leave the residence, not even to take exams, so we advise you to adjust accordingly your arrival in Slovenia. Please follow the list of countries for border crossings without limitations. We also advise you to follow the website of National Institute of Public Health. ​

Instructions for border crossings change according to current epidemiological state in Slovenia and abroad. Before your arrival to Slovenia, please check the latest information at the folwoling websites:


During the quarantine it is man​datory to follow recommendations for accommodation facilities for quarantine purp​​oses. 

Slovenia ranks the countries / regions in three categories, depending on the number of confirmed SARS-CoV-2019 cases in the countryin the last two weeks:  

o   RED: 40 cases and more / 100,000 inhabitants;
o   YELLOW: countries, which are neither red neither green;  
o   GREEN: 10 cases or less / 100,000 inhabitants. 

Everyone arriving from a red country / region, has to spend two weeks in a quarantine upon arrival. You receive th equarantine decision on the border crossing, where you also need to state the address, where you will be staying during the quarantine. 

Quarantine is obligatory also for people from yellow countries / region, however students are an exception in this case, if they can prove, that they are coming to Slovenia for studies purposes. 

For people from green countries / regions, there are no limitations for entering Slovenia.

The list of countries is updated regularly and is published on the news of the Slovenian Police. ​


We ask all our students to plan their arrival to Slovenia on time and in a way that they finish quarantine before the start of the academic year on 1 October 2020.  

27. 5. 2020


Please, respect the regulations on quarantine during the term of the COVID-19 measures and do not return to Slovenia, as long as they are valid.

At the moment, we cannot provide quarantine for a larger number of international students and the ministry is not going to allow exceptions. If you wish to come in spite of this strong recommendation, please, carefully study the possibilities along your total travel corridor, get the latest information from the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia competent for your country. WE explicitly warn you that Student Dormitories are not a proper place to execute quarantine.

We provide you with the possibility to conduct your study obligations from distance. Here, we stress the already communicated possibility of a prolongation of the student status due to article 49 of the Act on Intervention Measures for the Limitation of COVID-19 epidemic and the lowering of its consequences for citizens and economy (Official Gazette (Uradni list) of the RS, no. 49/20 and 61/20), if you will not be able to pass all missing obligations till the end of the academic year.

We do our best to support you in this difficult time and wish you all a healthy and productive summer.

7. 5. 2020


Dear foreign students of the UM!

Due to the containment and control of the COVID-19 epidemic, measures at the external border and at the control points of the internal borders of the Republic of Slovenia at the time of entry into the Republic of Slovenia are still in force, in accordance with the “Ordinance on imposing and implementing measures related to prevent the spread of epidemic COVID-19 at the border crossing points at the external border and inspection posts within national borders of the Republic of Slovenia" (published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 50/2020).

For persons entering the Republic of Slovenia, due to a possible infection with the COVID 19 virus, a seven-day quarantine is ordered by the minister responsible for health, except for the exceptions provided for in Article 8 of the Ordinance (e.g. cross-border daily work migrants, cross-border weekly migrants at the border with the Republic of Austria…).

In accordance with the COVID-19 epidemic declared in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, the temporary general ban on the movement and gathering of people in public places and areas in the Republic of Slovenia and the temporary ban on the gathering of people in educational establishments and universities as well as in independent higher education institutions, study at the University of Maribor continues to be implemented via the tool MS Teams until further notice on its cancellation. 

25. 3. 2020


We would like to inform you that the Rector of the University of Maribor prof. dr. Zdravko Kačič issued the updated Plan of the University of Maribor for Ensuring Continuous Work in the Time of Coronavirus. The Plan is updated according to the current situation.

Based on the still applicable measures of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and competent Ministries, the study process shall be organised online until further notice.
Detailed instructions can be found in the attached updated Plan of the University of Maribor for Ensuring Continuous Work in the Time of Coronavirus as well as on the website of the University of Maribor.
Basic instructions for preventing an infection with the coronavirus are available on the webpages of the Slovenian National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ):​

Plan of the University of Maribor for Ensuring Continuous Work in the Time of Coronavirus (25 March 2020).pdf

16. 3. 2020


We would like to inform you that from Monday, 16 March 2020 until cancellation the Rec​torate building of the University of Maribor shall be CLOSED FOR CURRENT OPERATIONS due to the risk of spreading the infectious disease SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

For this purpose, we are providing the following important information:

For delivering documents between University Members and other urgent matters, the Rectorate building shall be opened by the employee on duty between 10:00 and 12:00 a.m. (Monday to Friday).

The Rectorate’s Registry shall not be accepting or delivering mail of natural persons. All mail of natural persons shall be handed over to the Post of Slovenia.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact:

  • for employees at the University of Maribor – 
  • for students of the University of Maribor – (undergraduate studies) and (postgraduate studies)
  • for foreign students and all international matters in times of public emergency

10. 3. 2020


Rector of the University of Maribor prof. dr. Zdravko Kačič​ in accordance with the​ Announcement of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of 24 February 2020 issued a Plan for the University of Maribor to monitor continuous work at the time of coronavirus emergence.

Purpose of the Plan of the University of Maribor for Ensuring Continuous work in the Time of Coronavirus

The aim of the Plan of the University of Maribor for Ensuring Continuous work in the Ti​​me of Coronavirus (hereinafter referred to as: Plan) is to

-       contribute to reducing the negative impact and disturbances that can be caused by the coronavirus on educational and research work;
-       define activities and human resources for carrying out the educational and research process;
-       ensuring organization performance as well as establishing good internal and external communication with performers of the pedagogical process, other employees, students, the Ministry and the public;
-       ensuring the protection of people and limiting the spread of infection as well as minimising morbidity among employees;
-       ensuring greater health security and awareness. 

Plan of the University of Maribor for Ensuring Continuous Work in the Time of Coronavirus (10.3.2020).pdf

Plan of the University of Maribor for Ensuring Continuous Work in the Time of Coronavirus.pdf

​Are you worried that you have been infected?

If you have travelled from a coronavirus outbreak area or if you have been in close contact with a person who has travelled from such area and you have fallen ill (coughing, fever, shortness of breath), please follow this advice:

  • stay at home and avoid contact with other people;
  • call your personal doctor or a doctor on call and explain your situation and
  • practise respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette.


In case that you suspect to have signs of coronavirus please DO NOT GO TO THE DOCTOR AT HEALTH CENTER!

In this case you have to stay home and call this telephone number: 02 333 18 09 (number of emergency)

They are able to speak english and they will take you through the steps how to react.

You will have to give them information like: NAME, SURNAME, SIGNS OF ILLNES​S and TELEPHONE NUMBER.

After then doctors will consult and call you back. They will advise you about further steps and measures that need to be done. They will also advise you how to reach contact point, because YOU MUST NOT USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN THIS CASE!


If you feel bad because of some other signs (vomiting, stomachache, allergy …) you can contact ANY OF HEALTH CENTER ON ATTACHED DOCUMENT!


For more information please check links below:

List of general practitioners.pdf


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