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Interpretation of the Aliens Act regarding the acquisition of a residence permit

We received an additional interpretation of the Aliens Act from the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia, which in the process of obtaining a residence permit for studies in the Republic of Slovenia, abolishes the parents' statement that they will support the student during their studies.

As we have already informed you, in accordance with the new legislation, a student can fulfill the condition of sufficient means of subsistence with evidence proving that:

- at the time of deciding on the application for a residence permit, he or she already has the means of subsistence (e.g., sufficient funds in the transaction account, the resources of the parents or legal representatives), or

-  during his / her studies, he/she will receive additional funds as determined by Article 33 in connection with Article 44 of the Aliens Act (e.g., scholarship, funds that he/she acquired through work).

Regarding the annulment of the parent's statement that they will support the student during his/her studies, the ministry explains that the procedure for issuing a residence permit will only determine whether the funds that the parent have on the basis of income received or from work, rights from employment or insurance, property income, income from capital and other sources or with funds in an account opened with a bank or savings bank, are sufficient for the student's support in the amount of 402.18 EUR per month. In practice, this would mean that if the parents are employed and receive a salary, the foreign student submits to the application the employment contract of the parents, showing the monthly salary amount, along with the parent's bank account statement, showing the salary amount. However, if the only source of funds are funds in the transaction account of the student's parents or legal representative, then the amount of these funds must be sufficient for the period of validity of the residence permit.

If the parents or legal representative support two or more students who intend to or are already studying in the Republic of Slovenia, then they must show sufficient funds for two or more persons, for each in the amount of 402.18 EUR per month.


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