Centre for professors emeriti and retired higher education teachers

​​​​​Basic information


Head of the Centre: dr. Peter Glavič, Professor Emeritus

E-mail: peter.glavic@um.si


Board members

dr. Peter Glavič, Professor Emeritus

dr. Jože Gričar, Professor Emeritus​, E-mail: Joze.Gricar@UM.si

​​dr. Adolf Šostar, professor Emeritus

prof. dr. Jožica Knez - Riedl

izr. prof. dr. Lučka Lorber


Head office: University of Maribor, Slomškov trg 15, SI-2000 Maribor


Establishment: The Centre for Professors Emeriti and Retired Higher Education Teachers was established at the constituent meeting on 13 November 2019.


Vision: Members grow intellectually and socially, take advantage of the access to University benefits, resources and services, receive support and are appreciated for their academic and other contributions.


Mission: The Centre wants to foster cooperation of its members with the University and its employees as well as support benefits and the well-being of Centre members.



  1. promoting and supporting intellectual and social cooperation between Centre members by planning various activities (e.g. meetings, lectures, workshops, excursions, interest groups) in matters of common concern;
  2. supporting academic work of those members who continue to engage in such work;
  3. ensuring that members receive acknowledgement, benefits and attention appropriate to their long-standing cooperation and contributions to the University of Maribor (UM);
  4. maintaining close cooperation between members and UM;
  5. cooperating with UM in order to exploit mental and academic sources of the members;
  6. raise awareness of past, present and possible future contributions of UM members as well as the urban, state and world community;
  7. seeking and using additional paths for the service and integration of members.


Events of the Centre

Silver Economy Meeting

Dance of Engineers

CZPUVU a member of AFU​​



Photos of events

Silver Economy Meeting​


Constituent meeting

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Work coordinator of the Centre

Vanja Borovac Jurečko, univ. dipl. soc.


Editor: Vanja Borovac Jurečko
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