System of Tutoring and Mentoring

​After the introduction of study programmes in accordance with Bologna declaration, tutoring and mentoring systems began to develop at University of Maribor members. 

The primary objectives of the tutoring and mentoring system are:

  • making the transition from secondary school to university easier,
  • assisting students throughout their studies,
  • establishing good relations between students, professors and the institution as a whole,
  • overcoming the traditional higher education system,
  • improving the performance of students and increasing the number of students advancing to the next year,
  • improving the quality of the learning experience.

Tutoring models vary heavily among faculties. According to the year of studies, the tutor can be either a senior student or a professor.

Should the students have difficulties or feel any kind of discomfort, regarding the study at the faculty, they should find more information at the faculty's web page andcontact coordinators of tutors:


Faculty of Economics and Busines

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty of Energy Technology

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture

Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Organizational Sciences

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Logistics

Faculty of Tourism

Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Law

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