Rules and Other Documents

​​​​In order to be of help to foreign students, we have translated many of the documents, rules and forms in the field of education:

1. Statute of the University of Maribor
2. Rules and Regulations on Doctoral Studies at the University of Maribor
3. Amendments to the Rules on Ph.D. Thesis Preparation and Defence at the University of Maribor
4. Rules on the Recognition of Foreign Degrees at the University of Maribor
5. Rules on Administering Questionnaires on the Actual Student Workload
6. Instructions on Implementing a Survey of the Satisfaction and Employment Among Graduates o​f the University of Maribor
7. Rules on Minimum Research Performance Criteria
8. Thesis Adviser Form
9. Request for the Academic Affairs Commission
10. Survival Guide for Foreign Students
11. Rules on Conducting Student Surveys at the University of Maribor
12. Rules on Examination and Grading at the University of Maribor

The documents can be found in the right column.

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