University of Maribor is the second largest Slovene university and has seventeen faculties (Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Faculty of Energy Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Faculty of Logistics, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Tourism, Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Law).


Not all of the faculties are located in Maribor. The Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences is located in Hoče, the Faculty of Organizational Sciences is located in Kranj, the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security in Ljubljana, the Faculty of Logistics in Celje and Krško, the Faculty of Energy Technology in Krško and Velenje and the Faculty of Tourism in Brežice. The rest of the faculties are spread all over the city of Maribor.
Courses of study offered by the University of Maribor and its member faculties are degree study programmes leading to the award of diplomas and credential programmes leading to the award of certificates. Degree study programmes can be undergraduate (academic or professionally oriented) – 1st degree study programmes (lasting three or four years, depending on the field of study and its specifics), or posgraduate - 2nd degree (one or two years, with the exception of the uniform master's study programmes General Medicine, which lasts six years and Subject Teacher, that lasts 5 years) and 3rd degree study programmes (lasting for three to four years). University of Maribor concluded adapting its study programmes according to the requirements of the Bologna Declaration. Since the academic year 2010/2011 University of Maribor is enrolling only students in Bologna study programmes. Study programmes are offered by the faculties as full time or part time studies.
Due to specific features of the Slovene higher education legislation, education under first-cycle programmes is provided in accordance with the binary system, which means that faculties conduct academic as well as professional study programmes. Typically, these programmes have similar contents; they lead to similar professional titles; they are conducted in the same study halls and labs by the same teachers. The educational process is conducted in the traditional manner as a combination of lectures and lab classes. Some university members frequently use the e-learning tool called Moodle as well as e-learning, albeit in a smaller extent. Problem-oriented education in the context of planned project work has proven successful for certain interdisciplinary degree programmes (Mechatronics, Industrial Engineering, and Architecture). The development strategy and vision of University of Maribor and its faculties is reflected in the range and contents of degree programmes (learning contents are based on scientific research and artistic work of teachers).

The University of Maribor got the StudyPortals Award for Outstanding international Student Satisfaction 2014. The certificate is granted to higher education institutions which are graded with at least 9.5/10 by their international students. At the University of Maribor we see it as a recognition of our continuous work towards creating a well-rounded study experience. 

At the University of Maribor, we continue to be a "student-friendly university". The efforts were acknowledged by our students in 2016 when we received the StudyPortals award for “Excellent International Student Satisfaction" and in 2019 when we won the “Global Student Satisfaction Awards 2019" in the “Overall Satisfaction" category with an overall grade of 4.6 out of 5.

In the academic year 2019/2020, university members implemented 28 professional programmes, 49 academic programmes (1st degree study programmes), 2 uniform master study programmes, 70 second-cycle (master's) programmes and 35​​doctoral programmes.
In the academic year 2019/20, a total of 13,376 students were enroled at the University of Maribor (in the academic year 2018/19 there were 13.337 students enroled at the UM,  2017/18 there were 13,407 and in 2015/16 we had 14,248.5).​
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