Announcement for the Public Call for Applications for the Co-Funding of Doctoral Study Programmes - Generation 2017


We hereby notify you that the University of Maribor will publish on its website,, the “Public Call for Applications for the Co-Funding of Doctoral Study Programmes for Students of the University Of Maribor – Generation 2017" in the first half of August 2017 at the latest or upon the signature of the contract with the resourse ministry. The public call will not be materially different with regard to application terms or eligibility and valuation criteria from with the Public Call for Applications for the Co-Funding of Doctoral Study Programmes – Generation 2016. The Senate of UM already adopted in their ordinary meeting, held on 4 July 2017, the eligibility and evaluation criteria for applications submitted under the Public Call for Applications for the Co-Funding of Doctoral Study Programmes for Students of the University of Maribor – Generation 2017.


The public call is intended for students enrolled in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of 3rd cycle (doctoral) programmes in the academic year 2017/2018 who have previously not completed any study programmes corresponding to the qualification level awarded under 3rd cycle doctoral programmes, and who have previously not received any public grants or other forms of public funding for study programmes leading to a PhD, irrespective of whether they have completed their doctoral studies.


We advise candidates who intend to apply for the public call to follow the updates on the public call on our website. Offices of student affairs at UM members (faculties) will update students on the public call as well.


Candidate evaluation criteria and manner of selection

Evaluation criteria




Maximum score


Eligibility of PhD candidate:



Grade average of completed university undergraduate programme (old study programme), or Master’s or 2nd cycle single Master’s study programme. The score is calculated by multiplying the grade average (rounded to two decimal points) by 3 (e.g. 8.32 x 3).



The candidate is already enrolled in a senior year of a 3rd cycle (doctoral) programme.



The candidate received a UM university award ([1]) or other comparable acknowledgement of his alma mater.



The candidate published an original scientific article (1.01, 1.02, 1.03 according to COBISS – Slovenian Co-operative Online Bibliographic System & Services), scientific monograph (2.01), independent scientific contribution or chapter in a monograph (1.16), or research or documentary film, sound or video publication (2.18). The candidate is awarded 3 points for each publication referred to herein (for authorship or co-authorship).

3 ([2])


The candidate participates or has participated in research work at a university member, institute, etc.([3])


Total score​


The maximum score available is 40 points. The candidate needs to score a minimum of 24 points to be eligible. 

[1] A university award is an acknowledgement awarded pursuant to the Statute of the University of Maribor (Official Journal of RS, No. 29/2017 – Official consolidated text UPB12) and the Rules on honorary titles, prizes and awards of UM (UM Journal XXXIII-1-2015), such as the Rector’s Award, Andrej Perlach Prize or comparable acknowledgements awarded by other universities (e.g. Prešeren Prize of UL, etc.). Acknowledgements such as the Dean’s Award and other faculty-level awards are not considered university awards.

Other national-level awards (e.g. Krka Prize, Bank of Slovenia Award, Award of the Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Relations and Media, etc.) are considered in the evaluation as well.

[2] Under criterion 1.4, the candidate may be awarded an unlimited number of points, however, the total score under criterion 1. Eligibility of PhD candidate cannot exceed 40 points.

[3] The certificate should be issued by the responsible person of the faculty or institute (dean or responsible person of the institute – Chair; certificates signed only by the project head will not be considered in the evaluation). The certificate should entail:

·         Title of research project/programme;

·         Period of participation in research project (from – until);

·         Research lead/head; and

·         Description and subject matter of research the candidate performed/is performing as part of his research work.

Eligible projects are as follows: SRA projects, bilateral projects, targeted research programmes and research & development projects, multi-month visits to foreign research institutes or university, etc.

Participation in professional projects (e.g. Creative Path to Knowledge, etc.) is not eligible and will not be observed in the evaluation.



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